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The Drama Boosters
Avondale High School  ~  Auburn Hills MI
Mr. Edmond R. Guay, director
ATC History
The ATC Director, Mr. Edmond Guay, now has two CDs in release -- both featuring religious music and the talents of some of Avondale's finest voices.  Visit his website -- -- for your chance to hear snippets of the CDs and buy them for yourself.

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Thurs, Fri, Sat,
November 6, 7, 8 @ 7:35pm
A brand new stage version of the classic Best Picture of 1973 weaves the non-stop fast-paced tale of two con artists during the Depression hoping to exact revenge on a man who killed their friend.  The script twists and turns along the way, providing one of the most entertaining evenings of theatre you'll ever experience.  This challenging comedy/drama features a huge cast and a living set that shifts seamlessly in location -- a very complete package of enjoyment.
The ATC presents the 2014-2015 Season
New Takes on Old Ideas
a season where Avondale shares its own vision of classic stories
Friday & Saturday,
September 12-13 @ 7:35pm
Cast entirely with AHS teachers and alumni, The ATC kicks off the season with an opportunity to showcase some of the company's best advocates as actors instead of audience members.  Join some of your favorite educators for an evening of simplicity, family honor, and the meaning of life with Thorton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize winning classic about a small town in New Hampshire in the early years of the 20th century and the eternal lessons its residents have for all.
MIFA Festival & Dinner Theatre
Jan-Feb 2015 (exact dates TBA)
One of the funniest plays ever written finally comes to the Avondale stage for the festival, telling the hilarious tale of two lonely old spinsters whose perspective on hospitality has a rather fatal taste.  Add in crazy cops, dead bodies, a man who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt, and the doomed romance of their nephew and you get a rollercoaster of slapstick and one of the most laugh-filled plays to ever grace the stage.
Fridays & Saturdays,
APril 24, 25, and May 1, 2, 2015 @ 7:35pm
Yes, one of America's most unique families, complete with all their 'ookey and spookey' personalities, comes to the stage in this brand new musical just released for licensing.  Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Lurch and the rest are here trying to be "normal" for one night as Wednesday brings her fiancee to meet the family, only to have chaos break loose in the Addams Mansion.  Complete with graveyards, dead relatives, Thing, and all the twisted humor that made it one of the most popular TV shows of all time, The Addams Family will prove to become a new classic for the stage!